12th Career Fair 2018
May 2018 | | #DAHUniversity


Do I need to pay to attend the virtual career fair?
All job seekers will attend the virtual career fair free of charge. All employers will be charged to exhibit at the virtual career fair; however, because the event takes place online, there are no additional costs for travel, food or lodging
How do I register for the virtual career fair?
All job seekers may register by clicking on the registration link under “Job Seekers” in the top navigation bar. All employers may register by clicking the registration link‚Äč
Where do I go to attend the virtual career fair?
This event takes place online, so all you need to attend is a computer connected to the internet. You will find a link to login to the event on the main page on the day of the live event.
How will I know my computer is set up properly to work successfully in the virtual environment?
Listed below are the browsers which will help you run our virtual career fair successfully. It is also recommended that you view the environment with a screen display resolution of 1366 x 768.
Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered above?
Please click on Contact Us in the above navigation bar to contact one of our representatives.

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